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You can make your desktop very nice looking.For this download Desktop Icon Toy software 


 How to Registration  Desktop Icon Toy?
1.Go  Taskber & click Desktop Icon Toy
2. option => register user name , give serial  & click ok

About Desktop Icon Toy's work:

  • - Lock Desktop Icons
    - Swap Desktop Icons in Primary Monitor
    - Change Desktop Icon Size
    - Place Desktop Notes
    - Change Desktop Icon Text Color
    - Remove desktop icon shortcut overlay
    - Activate desktop icons using single mouse click
  • - Save Desktop Icon Position
    - Animate Desktop Icons
    - Remove Desktop Icon Texts
    - Show/Hide Desktop Icons or Desktop Icon Texts on Demand
  • - Arrange Desktop Icons
  • - Automatically select icon when mouse hovers over an icon
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saqib hussain said...

very good information thanks very much

Sharif Mustakim said...

I know this article is an awesome, what a nice composition. You really informed everyone about this topic. It caught attention by many.

Sathiaja Sarah said...

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